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Roxanne Herrera

September 4, 1958 ~ January 16, 2018 (age 59)

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

Children owe much to their mother: life, love, learning, and countless other things. A woman can be a mother, but only a few can play the role of a father as well. Roxanne shared love, laughter and awesome memories, and over all, a wonderful life with her children. Roxanne loved her children dearly as much as they loved her.

On September 4, 1958 in Dallas, Texas, a baby girl came into the world to her joyful parents, Sheilah and Jimmy Herrera. Little Roxanne was a bright, energetic child who loved to play outdoors with her siblings and dance to the beat of her own drum. Roxanne and her siblings were very close and helped each other out. As children, Roxanne’s dad had a very strict rule about bedtime being promptly at 9:00 PM every night. If the lights weren’t off in the children’s rooms at 9:00, he would switch off the electricity to the second floor of the house. Unfortunately, this was always done around the time poor Roxanne would be in the shower, mid-shampoo. Her sister, Melinda, would frequently have to go behind her father and briefly turn the electricity back on for Roxanne to finish her shower. Sometimes they would not get caught, but other times they did and they both got in trouble. Siblings will always stick close to one another and have each other’s back.

As Roxanne grew up, she attended high school, but also got involved in the family business, Herrera’s Café. During and after high school, Roxanne worked as a waitress where she enjoyed working alongside her grandmother, Amelia Herrera, and chatting with her regular customers. While she worked at the original Herrera’s on Maple Avenue, Roxanne became a favorite to customers who appreciated her warm nature and her hardworking attitude. Roxanne would come into work late, eat a full plate then start her shift, but she would get away with it because of her friendly charm and because her Grandmother Amelia had her spoiled!!! Roxanne always enjoyed being at the “family” booth to talk with her relatives who made Herrera’s so special. She worked there for many years, then ventured out. Roxanne missed the atmosphere of her family’s restaurant so after a few years Roxanne and Melinda opened their own Herrera’s in The Colony, where she managed for about four years. When the restaurant sadly went out of business due to the economy, Roxanne still kept her head up and searched for other employment opportunities outside of the family business under the advice of her father. She began working at Home Depot. Roxanne greatly enjoyed meeting new people and helping others. Every day was a blessing for Roxanne; through her work, she could bless her customers, as well her family. Roxanne worked at Home Depot for as long as she could until her illness kept her from working.

She raised most of her children on her own, becoming the strong mother they needed and the father they never had. Roxanne enjoyed when her boys had sport games or tournaments; she cheered for them with all of her heart. She was their biggest fan. They could always depend upon their mother. She was very set in her ways, and if she made a decision, she would never falter away from it. She was the heart of her children. Despite her strict, disciplinary ways, Roxanne was a very loving mother, and her children knew she loved them very much. Her children were her pride and joy. She always made sure they had everything they needed. Roxanne and her children loved to dance together, to any kind of music. The children learned many kinds of dances and rhythms that have stuck with them to this day. They were known as the Jackson 3. Roxanne’s children remember many fun summers when they would go to Welita’s house to swim and splash in her pool. When the boys got too wild and crazy, their Welita would tell Roxanne, “I love you and the boys but it’s time to go home.”

Whenever the kids needed to talk, Roxanne was always there to listen to their problems or concerns. She was known for being a good judge of character and not being judgmental. Not only was she a loving mother, but a devoted grandmother and a true friend to all.

Roxanne’s children were her greatest loves, gifts, and passion. However, as a famous philosopher stated, “Don’t forget to love yourself,” and Roxanne made sure she surrounded herself with hobbies, activities, and things that gave her joy. One of Roxanne’s favorite hobbies was shopping. Marshalls, Ross, Tuesday Morning, and various thrift stores were key places for Roxanne to find bargains. Unlike most people, Roxanne was truly photogenic. She loved taking pictures with her family and really enjoyed taking selfies!!! Her smile captivated the camera, and everyone loved her facial expressions. Her smile was radiant! She loved dancing with her favorite cowboy boots and it was always a pleasure to ask her for a dance. Roxanne was lovingly known as a “packrat” to her children who were always amazed that despite how many items Roxanne would own, she always had a place for them. One of her most valued keepsakes was a single red rose. This was not just any red rose, but a rose handed to her by Prince himself at his concert. Like any devoted fan, she preserved and cherished that rose for many years. Roxanne remained a huge Prince Fan, especially after receiving that single rose. Roxanne had four dogs: Molly, Lucky, Milo, and Bonnie. They were with her all the time at her house and even slept on the bed with her. Two other hobbies that Roxanne enjoyed was cooking and eating. She was known as the “Hamburger Helper Queen.” Watermelon was another favorite of Roxanne’s. When she wasn’t cooking, Roxanne would indulge in her favorite foods from other restaurants. She enjoyed eating shrimp cocktails, guiso, Chinese food, and, of course, delicious food from Herrera’s. She really enjoyed the hot sauce and the pico de gallo. Roxanne enjoyed watching “Law & Order,” “Empire”, “Star,” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Roxanne had many joys in her life that made her life full, unique, and happy.

Roxanne enjoyed taking her family on vacations; they traveled to South Padre Island to enjoy the beach and to San Antonio to ride rollercoasters at Fiesta Texas. Roxanne also ventured to Las Vegas and to Oklahoma’s WinStar and Choctaw Casinos. She travelled to Cozumel and Cancun to enjoy the sun, the sand, and being alive. Both trips were special to Roxanne. The Cozumel trip was taken with her sister who had just lost her husband, One Man. The Cancun trip was particularly special to Roxanne because it was taken right after winning her first battle with cancer. Roxanne and her cousins, Cindy and Heilly, delighted in her recovery and regained health. Everything in Roxanne’s life, from her children, to her jobs, her hobbies, and her memories, stayed close with to her until the end of her days and forever.

To the sorrow of Roxanne and her family, she was diagnosed with lung cancer in the Fall of 2016. With the support of her family and friends, Roxanne battled with the cancer and would not let it keep her down. She continued to work at Home Depot, visit her favorite restaurants, and do all the things she loved to do. She was too strong willed for cancer to interfere with her living her life as she wanted. For one year, cancer didn’t change how Roxanne lived until she finally had to leave work to keep her strength. For over 40 years, Roxanne worked for herself and her family, but could no longer keep it up. For the next few months, Roxanne spent time with her family, relishing each smile, hug, and laugh. Roxanne’s fight ended on Tuesday evening, January 16, 2018. She lived 59 years to the fullest and paved her own way in the world. Roxanne is an inspirational mother to her children, grandchildren, and to all who were blessed to know her.

Roxanne Herrera is survived by her six beloved children, Larry Green, Jr., Jonathan Green, Michael Green, Stevie Ray Delgado, Lexxus Garcia, and Lauren Reyes; her loving grandchildren, Brianna Green, Christopher Green, Evelyn Green, Aaliayah Mendoza, Jullian Green, Michael Green, Jr., and Larry Green, III; her siblings, Melinda Salinas-Herrera, Jimmy Herrera, Jr. and Joseph Herrera; her father, Jimmy Herrera; and numerous relatives and friends. She is preceded in death by her mother, Sheilah Wilson Herrera.

A visitation will be held in honor of Ms. Roxanne Herrera’s life on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at Hughes Family Tribute Center from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The funeral service for Ms. Roxanne Herrera will be held on Thursday, January 25, 2018 starting at 11:00 AM at Hughes Family Tribute Center. Ms. Roxanne Herrera will be laid to rest in Crown Hill Memorial Park immediately following the funeral service.

Roxanne’s life, legacy, and love will live on with the hearts of her family for all time.

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