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The Best Options for Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Irving, TX

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At Hughes Family Tribute Center, we offer a full range of funeral services and focuses on creating a true celebration of life. Our current owners DeWayne & Stephanie Hughes are dedicated to providing your loved one with a dignified and memorable farewell for a life well lived. At our Life Celebration Home, we offer a full range of funeral and cremation service that will suite your budget and needs. Don't hesitate to call us any time at (214) 350-9951 for immediate assistance.

Do you feel the burden of planning the best end of life services for someone that you love? You want to create a day that honors their memory, while also supporting the needs and desires of those in attendance. Instead of sticking with a formal, mourning funeral, why not consider the benefits of a Life Celebration? Our team at Hughes Family Tribute Center specializes in these funeral and cremation services in Irving, TX.

Over the years, we’ve found that celebrating a person’s life is one of the best ways to work through healing and overcome grief. Losing a loved one is hard. Even though you are feeling pain from the loss, you can remember the happy times that were shared. These memories will carry you through the challenges, helping you look to the future with hope.

Full-Service Funeral Homes and Cremations Planning in Irving, TX

A full-service company is the best solution for your family. When you choose a funeral home that offers a complete range of options, it means that you can source all of the services in one location. There’s no reason to work with multiple providers when you can choose one funeral director to oversee all of the details for the event.

At the Hughes Family Tribute Center, we don’t call our company a funeral home. Instead, we’ve adopted the term “Life Celebration Home” to communicate our focus on positive, uplifting funeral services. Our team has experience with a variety of funerals and memorials, including traditions as requested by families of various faiths and backgrounds.

These are some of the most common funeral services requested by the families that use our services:

  • Religious Traditions: We understand the importance of including specific traditions and ceremonies in religious customs. At Hughes Family Tribute Center, we have experience with various religious practices, including both Hindu and Buddhist services. Rest assured to know that your preferences and requests will be honored and respected.

  • On-Site Cremation: Our on-site crematory gives us the ability to promise that your loved one will remain in our care during every stage of the cremation. We don’t need to outsource any part of the cremation. Instead, the cremation is completed on our property where we can oversee everything that is done for this ceremony.

  • Burials: A cemetery burial can be a respectful choice after the cremation or for a casket as well. You decide on the details of the burial and the location where your loved one will be laid to rest.

  • Funerals and Memorials: A funeral can be formal or informal, as desired by your family. Talk to us about the practices and traditions that can be added to the funeral program. We offer full funeral services and can support your desires to honor the memory of your loved one with different elements that are included in the funeral.

  • Reception: You might schedule a standalone reception, or pair this reception with a funeral or Life Celebration. All of these services can be held at our location. Or, we are willing to accommodate your requests for staffing at another location of your choice.

  • Preplanning: In many situations, families don’t start the funeral planning process until the event is scheduled. Instead of waiting for the last minute, discuss your options with our team at your convenience. Preplanning offers the benefits of locking in the current pricing. Also, you can eliminate the stress left on your loved ones since they don’t have to face difficult decisions after you are gone.

You deserve high-quality funeral and cremation services in Irving, TX, which is why you need to talk to the leading team in the area: Hughes Family Tribute Center. Call us any time when you need more information about local funeral services.

24/7 Personalized Funeral Planning & Cremation Services in Irving, TX

You will not be able to plan your own funeral. However, you can take comfort in the fact that there are companies like Hughes Family Tribute Center who will help you plan a personalized funeral and is open for cremation service 24/7 in Irving, TX. We will guarantee to make it easy for family members to choose the perfect service fit for the family’s needs and budget.

Planning your own customized funeral is now possible thanks to us. With our services offered at no cost, we provide complete personalization including casket selection, urns & containers options and any other preference requests regarding memorial ceremony from traditional burial service arrangements through alternative ceremonies (individual tastes may vary).

The Cost of Funeral Services in Irving, TX

The pricing will vary depending on the funeral package that is selected. But it is important that families don’t get so caught up on the cost of the event that they overlook the purpose of funeral planning. This event is a time when you can share memories and honor the life that was lived. You can’t put a price tag on the memories that will be created with the people that you love. Hughes Family Tribute Center is the perfect place for your loved ones final goodbye. Whether you're looking to get a basic burial, cremation memorial service or even just lay down some flowers and say goodbye with an informal ceremony we have the package that's right for you! With our Basic Burial Package starting at $6990 dollars it makes sense why so many people come here before they make their next big decision about what kind of funeral services are best suited for them. 

Hughes Family Tribute Center offers everything including Funeral Packages & Services from traditional funerals to pet remembrance options in addition to grief counseling resources like bereavement support groups. At the Hughes Family Tribute Center, we focus on Life Celebrations. This approach helps you turn your focus to the things that matter: family relationships, memories, and the accomplishments of the deceased. Talk to us to learn more about the ways we can accommodate your family preferences and requests.

For more information about funeral and cremation planning in Irving, TX, call our team at Hughes Family Tribute Center. You can visit our nearby location to see the facilities that are available: 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220. Call if you have questions: (214) 350-9951

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is a funeral?

A funeral or memorial service is a ceremony and final disposition of the human corpse as a celebration of life and way of acknowledging, celebrating, and honoring the life of a loved one who has passed away.

What is a pre-arranged funeral?

A pre-arranged funeral or prepaid funeral plan is a preparation strategy in which the client pays for his/her memorial service in advance prior to their death. Depending on the arrangements with you and the funeral home you can have a celebration of life service or the traditional memorial service.

How much is the cost of a funeral service?

Depending on the package and the inclusions Hughes Family Tribute center offers various funeral service options. Private viewing packages start at around $2,500 to $3,500 merchandise and additional funeral items are not included.

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