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We’re Here to Assist with Funeral and Cremation Planning in Richardson, TX

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One of the most important decisions that should be addressed for funeral planning is choosing the right company to help with the services. You can’t handle the arrangements without support. So, it makes sense that you should choose the leading company in the area: Hughes Family Tribute Center. We offer a full list of funeral and cremation services in Richardson, TX.

Whether you need immediate arrangements or you are preparing for the future, we are available to offer the support that is required. Our team takes a unique approach by customizing every funeral. We never make assumptions about the services that might be the right fit for your needs. Instead, we provide a listening ear so that we can learn more about your preferences.

Traditional Funeral vs. Life Celebration

One of the reasons why the Hughes Family Tribute Center stands out from the other funeral homes in the area is that we focus on celebrating the life of the deceased. Too often, a funeral is a somber event where people are only focused on grief and pain. While it is important to acknowledge and feel the loss, we’ve found that the fastest way to healing is by remembering the positive characteristics and memories that were shared with the person.

Instead of referring to our company as a “funeral home,” we take the approach of calling our facility a “Life Celebration Home.” This name shares our dedication and desire for you to remember the positive experiences that were shared over the years. We want to help you honor the life that was lived while maintaining the highest levels of care and respect during every stage of the funeral planning process. We encourage you to talk to our team about the advantages of choosing a Life Celebration instead of a traditional funeral.

Respectful Funeral and Cremation Services in Richardson, TX

As you learn about our team at Hughes Family Tribute Center, you’ll see that we are truly dedicated to your care and support. We go above and beyond to personalize every event, giving you the flexibility to design a Life Celebration or funeral based on the preferences of your family members.

These are some of the services that might be considered when you are talking to us about funeral and cremation planning in Richardson, TX:

  • Life Celebrations

  • Burials

  • Funerals

  • Preplanning

  • Cremation (On-Site Crematory)

  • Receptions

  • Hindu Services

  • Buddhist Services

  • Burials

  • And more

Even though most of our services are focused on Life Celebrations, we can also support your goals to design a custom funeral based on your preferences. You have the freedom to choose the traditions, ceremonies, or other details that need to be included in the funeral plan. Talk to us anytime when you are ready to learn more about the options that are offered.

Why You Should Choose an On-Site Crematory

Most funeral homes offer cremation services. But, did you know that many companies outsource the cremation because they don’t have an on-site crematory? If this service is hired to another company, then it means that your loved one will be in the care of multiple funeral homes before the cremation is complete.

At the Hughes Family Tribute Center, we want to maintain the care of your family members on our property. So, we’ve invested in a quality crematory to ensure that all services can be completed on our property. Your loved one stays in our care during every phase of the funeral planning. Rest assured to know that we offer the highest level of care and respect for your family and your loved one.

Another advantage in choosing our company for cremation services is that this cremation can be paired with other services as desired. For example, you might schedule a Life Celebration that should be held after the cremation is complete. This cremation can also be combined with other events, such as receptions, memorials, and more.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We always customize the funeral plan to match your requests and preferences. If you are interested in learning more, then we invite you to schedule a consultation so that you can discuss your options with our team.

Preplanning and Immediate Arrangements

We are here to offer the support that is needed for preplanning as well as immediate arrangements. Sometimes, the timing of a funeral is unpredictable. So, we are always on call to provide the care that is needed during the day or night. You should never hesitate to contact our team when you need assistance.

When you are preparing for funeral and cremation in Richardson, TX, we encourage you to call us at Hughes Family Tribute Center. You can visit our nearest location at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220. Contact us to set an appointment to discuss your needs with an experienced funeral director in the area: (214) 350-9951

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